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Breaking Down Recordings

Independent since 1986

How to Download Breaking Down Music

We're working on our own download site, but in the meantime you can buy some Breaking Down music via iTunes, Amazon etc. or you can visit the bands' Bandcamp pages and find absolutely everything you need there..

jonny kinkaid and the Imaginary NoWhere band

The jonny kinkaid Bandcamp page can be found here

Arrest! Charlie Tipper

The Charlie Tipper Bandcamp page can be found here.

The Big However

The Big However have a Bandcamp page here

The Lovely Basement

The Lovely Basement Bandcamp page can be found here

The Short Stories

The Short Stories Bandcamp page can be found here

Most albums are also available through Amazon and iTunes.

The Five Year Plan

The Five Year Plan Bandcamp page can be found here.

Not currently available on iTunes or other download outlets.

Forest Giants

Forest Giants now have a Bandcamp page too which can be found here.