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CD and Vinyl Store

Vampires EP - Jonny Kinkaid and the IMaginary NoWhere Band



A follow up to the ‘indiepopkidversesthedemonsoftimea ndspace’ LP, released under the name Jon.k, Vampires EP is released on 28th of October on CD with a limited edition hand crafted, individually numbered sleeve made from recycled cereal boxes.

The EP contains two brand new songs, a cover version and a re-mix of one of the album tracks;


1. Fascinating Vampires

2. I’ll be your Frankenstein

3. Wherever you go..... (A Charlie Tipper Experiment cover)

4. Work & pension blues (alt mix from the ‘indiepopkid LP)


Fascinating Vampires - The rich and famous abuse their position of influence and get away with it

I’ll be your Frankenstein - People don't like you if your face doesn't fit or if you're seen with the wrong ‘type’ of person.

Wherever you go..... - A Charlie Tipper Experiment song . from their first LP.

Work & pension blues (alt mix from the ‘indiepopkid LP) - just that! With the missing ‘real drums track


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